Constellation: PRESENTATION SKILLS with Dr. Stephen Thompson

Constellation: PRESENTATION SKILLS with Dr. Stephen Thompson

Today we had an incredibly inspiring seminar with Dr Stephen Thompson about how to overcome nerves and present a concise and effective presentation. Here are some of the notes I took during the seminar:

  • Liberate yourself from the nerves of feeling inspected
  • You will not be scrutinised
  • Feed off the opinions of the audience
  • If in doubt, play dirty
  • Don’t say ‘I think’, be strong in your convictions

We also had to create a presentation about the painting Guernica as a duo, so me and Demelza Marriott presented the following:

Picasso was, and remains to be an influential force within the cubist movement. His work helped to revolutionise how the human form can be manipulated and represented within art. ‘Guernica‘ is a brilliant example of artwork during this period.
Visible themes within this painting include war, mythology and a strong focus towards the human condition. The monotonal pallette used for this piece not only reflects the bleak subject matter but also accentuates the emotion and tragedy portrayed within this work.
The use of multiple perspective gives a sense of panic and urgency to the piece, leaving the viewer feeling uneasy. The abstract use of post-perspective, typical of Picasso’s work at the period, is still influential in art today.


Freeze Frame: Animation

Continued exploration of speeds and distortion.



Time: Initial test 1

Testing to see how this could possibly be translated onto a video format.

Constellation 3rd October.

As part of our seminar on October 3rd we were placed in groups of three then we had to argue an issue we are passionate about. Our group chose Feminism and this is our argument.

Feminism is not just a female issue. Feminism is an issue of equality. In a society where internalised misogyny is learnt from a young age, it is more important than ever for women to feel they have a voice. It is not an issue of man hating, but instead an issue of feeling safe and secure in one’s community. 1 in 6 women are abused at some point in their lives, so it must be taught that women are not inferior, nor are they objects of sexual gratification. We are strong, powerful members of society with ambition and valid opinions. Femme does not mean frail. 


How to stretch a canvas:


Lectures: 4D, 3D, 2D

4D- 23rd September




3D – 1st October




2D – 8th October


Sketchbook studies

During a visit to the National Museum of Cardiff there was an exhibition on about prehistoric time.  I was completely enamoured by a skeleton that lay in a glass case there, curled up into the fetal position. 


It really made me think about the life cycle. We are curled up in a womb for 9 months, wrapped up safe in the fetal position, and here is this skeleton doing the same. It made me think about how everything comes full circle. How we grow up, learning and advancing, only to eventually become unable to look after ourselves until we eventually die. We grow up, then we ease on down. he juxtaposition of this rigid skeletal form, contrasted with the fragility and tenderness of the fetal position is extremely interesting to me. I’d like to think that this skeleton is in the fetal position because they feel safe. 

Here are some sketches based off the skeleton: