Bill Ellis (Documenting Reality)

I’ve always been more intrigued by grittier realities, rather than the romanticised replications of ‘reality’ we are fed by cinema and advertising. There aren’t many things I hold as much passion about than ugly, gritty photographs of the harsh light of the human condition. In this series I will be discussing the work of photographers that work this sort of fashion. The first in this series is Bill Ellis.


Bill Ellis is a photographer from down in Florida, but currently based in New York. He documents the adventures of the people, and of his pet ferret, in the big apple and creates vivid, cinematic documentations of moments in time. Vice Magazine described Ellis’ visions of New York as “Ugly, the beautiful, and the depraved – people are just used to ignoring it here.”


Ellis documents the strange, the intriguing and the downright odd happenings of the world around him. However, amongst all the pictures of drunk friends and bushes with faces (you’ll have to google that one), there are some truly poignant moments of honesty and naivety that show a softer side of human nature.


Bill Ellis’s website
Vice article


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