Fruit in Art

Fruit has been used symbolically in art for many years. For me, the use of fruit describes a fragility and a moment in time due to the perishable nature of fruit.


Giovanni Ambrogio Figino (1548–1608)

The use of fruit in art has been describes as “symbolic reminders of life’s impermanence. Additionally, a skull, an hourglass or pocket watch, a candle burning down or a book with pages turning, would serve as a moralizing message on the ephemerality of sensory pleasures. Often some of the fruits and flowers themselves would be shown starting to spoil or fade to emphasize the same point.”


Balthasar van der Ast (1593/1594–1657)

Now, with our technological advancements we can literally show the process of fruit decaying and a new mould/life form growing.

Sam Taylor-Wood – Still Life (2001)

In my current work I can use the idea of both traditional still life and modern computer-based media to create something new.


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