Nick Haymes (Documenting Reality)

The only word that comes close to describing Nick Haymes’s book Gabe is infatuation. After wrapping up filming on Gus Van Sant’s Paranoid Park, Haymes became so enamoured with the look and spirit of 14-year-old Gabe Nevins that an afternoon’s worth of shooting ended up becoming a 4 year project that spanned across Nevins’s tragic teen years. 


People had high hopes for Nevins. He had received the lead role on Paranoid Park due to an instant connection with Van Sant’s aesthetic look of the film. However, during the next four years, Nevins’s life took a rapid decline which can be traced back to drug addiction, coming to terms with his sexuality and eventual homelessness. Haymes continued to document Nevins throughout this period in his life and we are able to witness the rapid decline of the young man. 


Haymes’s photographs are honest, loving and intimate. They perfectly describe the feelings of infatuation you get when falling for someone. The photographs are tragic and beautiful all at once, which is a representation of how Haymes must have felt towards the subject during the duration of the project. I often find myself thinking about these sets of images during my day to day life, they really are quite wonderful.



Nick Haymes’s website


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