Theo Cottle (Documenting Reality)

If I were to describe Theo Cottle’s photography in one word, it would be powerful. Cottle hails from Bristol and chooses to capture the underbelly of British culture in a way that voids it of any sense of traditional beauty in order to create a seedy view of the world around us. Cottle is never afraid to capture the moments in life most people would cower from. 



For the sake of this blog entry, I’ve chosen some of Cottle’s less explicit images as he does not shy away from photographing the drug snorting, fight chasing, drink vomiting citizens around him. Cottle chooses to photograph nights out, rioting and the general day-to-day lives of people in order to show the bleak reality of life.



In a world where this sort of behaviour is swept under the carpet it can be shocking to see these sorts of images. They push you away in order to make you look closer into them. However, Cottle also has an ongoing series of photographs entitled Sleep which document the unorthodox sleeping arrangements of people. These images are far more heartfelt and can be seen as even quite tender at times. I would suggest looking at Cottle’s website in order to see the full range of images, but he’s definitely not one for the faint hearted. 



Theo Cottle’s website:


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