Musings on time.

Sometimes time can be futile. A fleeting moment in a series of even bigger events, and then even bigger life experiences. Time can be as poignant of a deal as a birth or a death, or as little of a moment as a phone call. A lot has happened lately, and I’ve found the distortion of time has been a wonderful source of comfort and relief for myself. It could be any time at all, and I’d never know. Even if I knew, chances are my brain would not be able to comprehend it.
Listening to music from when I was younger distorts the idea of time even more. I may not have listened to this particular album in years, but I still recognise every chord change and lyric. It’s a wonderful thing our brain does, as it recognises moments in time from our subconscious. It all goes back to the idea of the Freudian iceberg, however in the same vein it sort of disrupts the idea that we have three types of memory (sensory, short term and long term), it’s as if our brain also records every detail in a cinematic format. I’d love to know how much of it is real, or how much of the concept is even true.
Either way, this is a wonderful album that makes me focus upon the idea of a fleeting moment.


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