Constellation: PRESENTATION SKILLS with Dr. Stephen Thompson

Constellation: PRESENTATION SKILLS with Dr. Stephen Thompson

Today we had an incredibly inspiring seminar with Dr Stephen Thompson about how to overcome nerves and present a concise and effective presentation. Here are some of the notes I took during the seminar:

  • Liberate yourself from the nerves of feeling inspected
  • You will not be scrutinised
  • Feed off the opinions of the audience
  • If in doubt, play dirty
  • Don’t say ‘I think’, be strong in your convictions

We also had to create a presentation about the painting Guernica as a duo, so me and Demelza Marriott presented the following:

Picasso was, and remains to be an influential force within the cubist movement. His work helped to revolutionise how the human form can be manipulated and represented within art. ‘Guernica‘ is a brilliant example of artwork during this period.
Visible themes within this painting include war, mythology and a strong focus towards the human condition. The monotonal pallette used for this piece not only reflects the bleak subject matter but also accentuates the emotion and tragedy portrayed within this work.
The use of multiple perspective gives a sense of panic and urgency to the piece, leaving the viewer feeling uneasy. The abstract use of post-perspective, typical of Picasso’s work at the period, is still influential in art today.


One Comment on “Constellation: PRESENTATION SKILLS with Dr. Stephen Thompson”

  1. I loved this skills builder! It was so fun.

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