Painting inspiration

I have decided to take my work in two different directions. As well as creating 4D work based on time, I have also been working on some paintings. I was brought up being told that unless you continue to paint and draw regularly, you tend to lose the skill, so after working for so long on mainly 4D work I thought making some paintings would help bring some new inspiration.

To begin with, I began looking at pictures I found aesthetically pleasing and quickly drew the conclusion that I was most attracted to emotional, abstract work as well as journals. As I find music very inspiring, most of the images came from album covers and musicians journals.


I grew up on Dream Theater and this album cover has been ingrained into my brain. I love the scrawled elements as well as the wash of white.


John Frusciante’s cover of ‘Shadows Collide With People’ shows a beautiful combination of photographic image, paint and text.


And once again, Cy Twombly’s work will inspire my own.


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