City: Research – Jerry Hsu

Jerry Hsu runs a blog where alongside his photography he writes a momento about what happened during the time. I absolutely love this idea and would like to try it in future. 




‘after this bar closed, i looked over and caswell is getting punched in the face.
 the details are a bit hazy, but i really wanted to take his picture and i wasn’t 
sure if he was going to snap if i asked. but being the epic dude he is, 
he turns to me later and says, “hey, you got your camera?”‘





‘people getting drunk and cutting/burning themselves is pretty retarded and unproductive, 
but ali can’t seem to do anything i think isn’t epic. 
and it’s like he comes from nowhere which i think is pretty cool.’



these russian kids were like ten years old when i took this. they’re probably dead now.’


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