Group Field: Research

As my part in the group work, I have been told to look into films which either are told from multiple points of view, or whose characters stories intertwine with one another through the development of the narrative. The trailer to each film is there incase our team members would like a concise version of the film.

Pulp Fiction


One of the key elements in the film Pulp Fiction is that the characters all have separate stories that intertwine through a concurrent series of events. This is quite like our idea of intertwining characters lives.



Elephant is one of my favourite modern films and a wonderful example of how one life event leads into the next. The way the stories in this film intertwine is beautiful, giving lead to a tragic conclusion. This is highly recommended viewing.

Requiem For A Dream


Requiem  is filmed from different characters perspectives, showing how certain life choices can cause a brutal downward spiral. The use of perspectives is very interestingly done.



2:37 is often compared to the film Elephant in terms of directing style. The story is about different teenagers within an American high school whose lives all intersect one another and daw to a dramatic conclusion. Once again, a brilliant example of people lives intertwining.



Gummo is a film directed in a documentary style. It follows the lives of various people within a small American town.

The Tracey Fragments


The Tracey Fragments is the first film of it’s type. The film has been edited together using different angles and perspectives from the character. At any given time there is 2 or more perspectives on the screen giving a sense of delirium, of confusion yet clarity. This innovative style has given way to many other films using this process.

Breaking Bad


A modern example of a tv series using the concept that peoples lives are all intertwined, coming together in a brilliant conclusion.



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