Constellation: Possible essay subject

As part of our constellation work we have to gather 3 images which we shall be analysing in order to work on our essay with. As a kid, I grew up idolising one of my brothers. He was into metal in a big way, as was my dad (my eldest brother and mother were more into generic rock music). I grew up hearing the distorted, screaming vocals of metal bands coming from my brothers bedroom which was across the landing to my own. I am certain it is because of this exposure as a child that has caused my interest in black metal and ‘shock rock’. My dad was a big Alice Cooper fan growing up, his greatest hits album being one of my first albums, and I have very vivid memories of going into my brothers room once he’d moved to university and sneaking out copies of Metal Hammer magazine and pawing through pages, taking a dedicated interest in the likes of Marilyn Manson, Murderdolls and the Peppermint Creeps, all of which have one thing in common: Theatrical stage makeup.



the Peppermint Creeps



Alice Cooper



Marilyn Manson




Wednesday 13


Another major interest of mine throughout my childhood, which has continued into my adult life, is professional wrestling. Watching wrestling was a way for me to bond with my brothers, considering they are both 10 years+ older than me. The wrestlers that I have always enjoyed watching have been those with gimmicks. I like to be thrilled when I’m watching wrestling wrestling, and a common theme in the wrestlers I have always liked is the make-up. Three of my favourite wrestlers seemed to follow the same look: Plain black clothing, corpse paint.



Jeff Hardy









The Undertaker

Due to my interests in this type of culture, I have decided that a look at black metal fashion and culture would be an appropriate way forward.


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