4D Project: Week 4

This week we looked at artists who work under the concept of ‘Navigation: Public and Private Spaces’. Here are my favourite pieces we looked at:



Vito Acconci’s “Trademarks” (1970). Whilst sitting in front of a camera Acconci performed a series of contorted poses and bit into his arms, legs and shoulders, resulting in impressions of his teeth left on his skin. He then covered these marks with printers ink and used them to stamp various surfaces, illustrating the bodies attack on itself while also criticizing the social institutions of art and the economy, by referring to the commercial practice of branding (marking) a product for the purpose of exchange (trade).Trademarks was not carried out in front of a live audience.’


Dennis Oppenheim
Reading Position for Second Degree Burn 1970

When you have a body you don’t need a place. You become the art.



Sophie Calle ‘Sleepers’ 

Calle invited strangers to sleep with her in her bed for 8 hours, blurring the lines between public and private space.


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