Field: Final project ideas

I’m beginning to think that I’m moving too far away from my original ideas that I wanted to put across. The main points I wanted to explore were the feelings of isolation you can feel within a city. I still want to explore the use of the colour red and the use of text and the idea of intimacy. I feel like the photography and video that I have been working on has been more to open up myself to ideas rather than as a lead up to a final photo-based work of art. I’d like to work with red light and carry on with that considering the red I have been using in my work. Inside my head I visualise a black box filled with red light, reflected by a layer of water sitting at the base of the box. The back wall of the inside of the box should be white and with typography on it, something to reflect isolation and intimacy felt living in a city. The viewer could either see inside the box using a peep-hole or a periscope.The box should be large enough to make the viewer take note, but still be of a size to create intimacy. The idea should be presented as a box, rather than a room or a larger crate as the viewer needs to retain a disconnect between the artist and their own current experience. Right now I’m just really feeling the idea of red light and red rooms.

Here are some art pieces that could reflect this idea:

James Turrell



Cecil King

Red 1975 by Cecil King 1921-1986

Ian Tyson

Enough Red [frontispiece] 1971 by Ian Tyson born 1933




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