Field: Websites as art work

After thinking over the box idea, I decided that it wasn’t truly reflecting the concept that I wanted to portray about having a ‘personal experience’ with the work. However, the principal still stood that I wanted to use the colour red, text, and the idea of isolation within the city. The problem I had been having with the work is that I wasn’t sure how to connect the photography and text work I had been doing to a final piece. During a conversation with a friend of mine, we began talking about an art piece that was a website. I then began looking further into the use of websites as free-standing art pieces. I came across this article, then began to research the artists mentioned:

Here are some of the artists I had been looking at:

One of the main things I noticed through the art work is the sense of playfulness that came along with the websites. Everything was highly interactive and truly engulfed your senses. The work is very accessible and reflects the isolation that occurs when people are on the internet. The work becomes very personal and feels like you’re engaging and connecting with it on a personal level.
The idea I currently have is to take the box idea, but use the images I have been creating to make a series of click-through websites that guide you through a journey. The work will focus outwords, becoming more intimate as you click through the links. The sites will be hosted on tumblr as it is a free hosting website, meaning I do not have to worry about MB capacity and cost. The next step is to begin picking the pictures, the website names  and the layouts.

If I am to start outwords, going in, the logical thing to do would be to start with images of the city itself.





DSCN1861 - Copy



The images should then focus inwards, looking at the city from inside my room.






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