When I Believe It 2014


Chaos is the score upon which reality is written.‘ –Henry Miller

As inspired by the Tracey Fragments and Quiet City 




Video: Mumblecore

Mumblecore is a subgenre of American independent film characterized by low budget production values and amateur actors, heavily focused on naturalistic dialogue. Filmmakers often assigned to this movement include Andrew BujalskiLynn SheltonMark DuplassJay DuplassAaron KatzJoe Swanberg and Ry Russo-Young. The term mumblegore has been used for films mixing mumblecore and horror gore.

Mumblecore is a genre of films that depend on naturalistic conversations in real places, focus on single characters in their twenties and thirties, and often depart from clear narrative structures. These films are often made on cheap budgets, sometimes in black and white, and are often produced with minimal soundtracks.

The genre can trace its roots back to the French new wave of the 1960’s, especially the films of Eric Rohmer, whose films focused on the romantic intrigues of characters and depicted lengthy conversations.