Group Field Reflection.

The group field project was something that really challenged me. I find my art work to be a sort of personal release and having to share that side of myself with another human being, let alone a whole group of people I didn’t know, felt tortuous to me at times. Although I do understand the point of the project in terms of learning how to work with others, it is definitely not something I would like to try again in my future endeavours. However, I understand this gripe is personal based, it will not change my thoughts on the overall experience of the project. 

In terms of the group work, we worked relatively well with another, and as with most group project, certain members of the team worked better together and branched off more successfully than others. The main problem we had within our group was that we were too ambitious from the get-go, meaning our multi-level project combining 2D, 3D and 4D did not manage to come together in time. However, all the components are there if the project would need to be presented in future. It was interesting to see the way in which other people worked, as well as creating new experiences of my own such as filming with actors and creating art with other people. During the project I also ran a blog to collect everyone’s blog posts ( in order to let everyone know what was going on within each others projects, this was very helpful and showed me how a blog could be used in a different and exciting way. 

Although the project was mostly successful, I found it more of a hindrance in terms of time and did not affect the outcome of my personal field work, with exception of being able to use the footage in some research work for my personal project. 



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