Personal Field Project Direction and Reflection.

One of the things that I have always tried to avoid doing within my art work is making it very literal, however I was completely stumped therefore to begin the project I photographed the city around me as a lot of artists I like have done the same thing:


As I knew I also wanted to look at typography, I looked at other artists who used it within their own work for inspiration:


During my subject work I had found a fondness for video art, therefore I began to video the city also, as I knew that having as many formats to work with as possible would be helpful. One of the main things I really liked about the city was the way it looked at night, with the contrast between the lights and the night. Using this footage I edited together a video:


In order to find more inspiration I looked at some films I enjoyed that contained visuals taking place within the city. The more films I looked at, the more I realised that the colour blue was used as a filter. This made me think of the relationship between colour and mood. It was through this that gave me the idea of looking at the way the city can make a person feel claustrophobic due to all the noise and movement.


I also began to edit my photography and video stills, adding the colours red and blue in order to project the concepts of claustrophobia and depression. Through this I also began to combine some written work with my images:


It was at this point where I began to look into using a website as a piece of art and having it as an interactive experience, as being in the city is an interactive experience between people. This idea ended in my final piece:


At this point we had the assessment, in which I used the advice given to me in order to produce this work:


I absolutely adored the ‘Hidden City’ project. I entered the project rather apprehensively as the title through me off a little. I knew the major thing I wanted to do within this project was combine text and image as I have always enjoyed photography and typography and felt like it was something that I have always wanted to look deeper into. After being completing this project I was also able to try something completely new to me, which was using websites as art. I definitely feel more comfortable creating 4D work as the possibilities are so endless and the ability to combine 2D, 3D and 4D work is made incredibly simple and very interesting and exciting for myself. This project has helped me gain many skills and filled me with ideas on the ways in which I hope to take my work in the future. 


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