Art I’m Digging: Clinical violence edition

This is one of my new favourite film scenes of all time. I love the clinical feel of this film, the beautiful contrast of the white with the blood, the clean with the violence. One day I hope to be able to find away to re-create this scene in some way, shape or form.


Some people would argue the legitimacy of wrestling as art, however I see this promo by Jon Moxley to be performance art. It is intense and beautifully executed. The environment in which it’s filmed with the blood is a great combination. I love the instability of the promo.




Model of Oblivion by Taro Shinoda




I’ve been thinking for a while about doing a project where I use specimen slides and have them filled with bits of me. My hair, blood, eyebrow, skin and spit. I would have them set up with a microscope and have the installation be interactive. I would call it ‘We Must Remain’.