Subject 2: Religious Symbolism: The Last Supper

In order to begin to look at the way religion is used within art work I am first going to look at various symbolisms used throughout art history. The first I shall be looking at is ‘The Last Supper’. The last supper image is iconic. It has been recreated and parody by various artists and media throughout the years. Here are a few of my favourite examples:Giovanni_Mauro_Della_Rovere,_Ultima_cena,_1626

Giovanni Mauro Della Rovere ‘Ultima Cena’ 1626adi-nes-last-supper

Adi Nes ‘Last Supper’ 2008

Andy Warhol ‘The Last Supper’ 1986


Ben Willikens Raum ‘Last Supper’ 2009
weblogart_video 2008_06_09_19_32_42

Christopher Schlingensief ‘The Last Supper’ 2007


Noemia Cruz 1979

Terence Koh ‘God’ 2007


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