Subject: Chosen artifact

I grew up in an atheist household. My parents consciously chose to not baptise me. We never went to church, not even during the Christmas period. I can’t ever recall a time in my life in which my parents have chosen to partake in prayer within the household. It even went so far as to my Father laughing at the prospect of Christianity during Christmas dinner after a discussion about the ‘true meaning of Christmas’. My personal relationship with God has been fairly different however. In my home life, I had already denounced any form of God, apart from a brief flirtation with Satanism during my ‘goth’ phase. However, in my school life I was taught to pray, taught to fear any sinful actions due to some omnipotent presence that would cause me to burn for eternity if I uttered the words ‘Jesus Christ’ after stubbing my toe or for listening to Marilyn Manson songs with the lyrics ‘God is dead, and no one cares’. I was punished in school for refusing to pray. To this day, I’ve always felt like I never really needed to believe in God or any religion due to believing in myself. Despite this, I have always been transfixed with Christian art work.

The work I have chosen as my artifact to base my future work on is this plaque

IMG_5116 IMG_5117

This is a piece of Sunderland Lustreware pottery which is a type of pottery which originates in Sunderland in the 19th century. The piece stood out to me immediately to to the ominous message and the strong font. The simple colours and the use of lettering give this piece a very modern feel despite the age of the plaque. Due to it’s religious connotations I felt upon seeing it. The plaque made me think of religious artworks as well as ways in which typography can be used to create ominous messages. Upon looking deeper into the Sunderland Lustreware pottery I discovered that most of the pottery made around the same era was pink. Pink is my favourite colour in art as it is neither high nor low art and can have so many different connotations. The plaque also made me think about documentaries I had seen about religious cults and about the indoctrination of God being put into children through fear.

This artifact has so many places it can take me, I’m excited to explore them.


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