Subject 2: Returning to Ideas

During the time off which I have had due to mitigating circumstances, I’ve had a lot of time to look into and explore the key things I wish to put across/explore within my Subject 2 project. I have narrowed it down to the following list:

  • Crucifixion
  • Scanography
  • Interactivity

I definately want to look further into crucifixion as the focus of my religious symbolism within my work. I feel like it has the most to offer me creatively and is a good way of combining the religious aspects as well as being able to look at the theme of visceral and viscus liquids that seems to have run through my work during the previous 3 years. Crucifixion also has a lot to offer in that it can be represented in so many different formats including the blood, the body or the cross.

Scanography is an art technique I have been beginning to explore within the past 6 months. During the time in which I was diagnosed as having a second breast tumour I was looking into a way I could document the bruising caused by testing in a way other than just photographing it, as it would’ve been an interesting way to turn it into art work. It is also a great way of creating visceral images of the body and creating abstracts within the body, something I have been interested in since looking at the works of Francis Bacon.

The idea of interactivity came about from my Field 2 project ‘The Internet and the Reality of Things’. During this field project I have been subjected to new ways of thinking when it comes to the way in which interactivity can be combined with fine art in order to add an extra dimension to the work. As I find out more from the course, I’ll be able to be more creative with my interactive work.


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