Subject 2: Scanography

As I discussed in my last post, I have been beginning to explore scanography as a way of documentation as well as an art form. It helps to keep the visceral feeling I tend to enjoy in my art work. Here was the original scan that promoted me to want to explore it further.


After this I began to think how I could distort the image as I scan it, as I noticed the distortion at the top of the original scan.

IMG_20140928_0016 IMG_20140928_0018 IMG_20140928_0006 IMG_20140928_0001

I tried using things such as moving as the image was being taken, sheer fabrics and clingfilm to create different effects. Because I had been looking at symbolism I thought that maybe I could take the scans of body parts and arrange them into a crucafix shape. To do this I would have to scan body parts and arrange them into a cross. I could print them square shaped and affix them into square frames. I would need 2 hands, a head, a chest, feet and possibly genitals or legs. Here is an idea of what the head could look like.


This would create a cool abstract look. I could use the aurora software to have the pictures scanable so they could relate to a video image? This is all stuff to look further into.

As I accidentally fell into create scanography I decided to look into some artists that also work in this format for inspiration.

One of the artists work who I immediately fell in love with was Mattus. He uses scans of body parts to create full forms. Their disjointed nature is appealing to me and reminds me of some of Slava Mogutin. This has however pulled me away from wanting to create crucifix style scanography as it feels like it’s already been done.





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