Field 2: Aurasma

During the field project we have been looking at various ways in which internet and reality can be augmented with one another in order to create physical pieces of art work. The work that has interested me the most is Aurasma. Aurasma is used to create multiple internet dimensions to pieces of art work. The reason this excited me so much is my love of using video and still image in my work. I have dabbled in both subject for years but have only now learnt how to combine the two. With Aurasma you can scan a still image and have it relate back to another artifact on a computer. This is perfect for the way in which I want to combine my love of scanography and video. It means I can work with video distortion on a video as well as being able to add sound elements within video.

Aurasma works via scanning an image, known as a trigger image. Once scanned, it loads an ‘overlay’ which can be a website, a video, an image or even a sound. This simple bit of software is portable and easy to download which makes it perfect for a gallery atmosphere. It also works perfectly within the field of fine art as nothing needs to be physically done to the trigger image to alter it, as it is all done via software. This would be very helpful as in the past I have had to use things such as QR codes, which can look very jarring. This way I would be adding to the piece visually.


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