Subject 2: Pink

I live my life through rose coloured spectacles. I would tint all my art work pink at a moments notice if I could. Because of this I have decided to add it to my own work as the original Sunderland Lustre ceramic pieces (the artifact I was originally inspired by) were usually found in the colour pink:



After some further reading I found out that pink was used to represent the body of Christ in paintings:


Virgin and Child Enthroned with Two Angels, by Cimabue.

I know that I still want to carry on with the idea of scanography and use the scans I have been doing to create something. Although I like the idea of presenting them as photograph/scans I don’t feel like it’s pushing my work far enough. I do still enjoy the use of the distorted body, but I want to still have it relate back to the idea of religion. In order to help me think about the work further, I started adding pink filters to my work an overlay using the Gimp software.


I then began toying with the use of typography and using my own handwriting with the phrase ‘Prepare to Meet Thy God’ as another layer.


After I created this I realised that it looked like it could be a cover/page in a zine. I therefore began to look back on similar work I have enjoyed in the past that is similar in style:


‘Pink’ by Sheila Debretteville

Shocking Pink zine

This has lead me to the idea of possible making a zine out of my work. This way it would be interactive and I could use the software to link to voice recorded ‘sermon’s and have the zine like a bible. The pictures and words inside could be my art and my poetry. I could even make an online Zine.nouthd


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