Subject 2: Zines

Zine’s are self published magazines that generally are printed with less than 1000 copies being made, although usually less than 100 are printed overall. They are DIY magazines abot very specific topics that wouldn’t normally be documented in normal print media. They had a huge sergence during the punk era where zines would document gigs, new bands and give music reviews. They also became popular during the riot grrrl movement as a good outsource to discuss things such as feminism and gender, the first of these riot grrrl zines was ‘Not Your Bitch’ zine. You can read more about the history of the zine here:

Now, zines have moved with the times and ezines have been emerging. Ezines are zines published online so that they are able to reach a wider audience:

Websites such as have been collecting artists zines and creating exhibitions. Other people have collected original zines from the 80s-90s and created published book collections.

I personally gravitated towards using zines in my work as I’ve always enjoyed the feminist zines and considered myself to relate massively with the riot grrrl mindset. I also like the idea of working with zines as it is like a creative form of blogging. This way I can put my musings about things such as religion, my personal views on feminism and my art work in a single place where other people are able to look through it. Websites such as will publish your zine for free online, which would be a good option.


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