The Holy Bible

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This is the printable version of the zine. Here is looks out of order, but it is only that way as it’s set out that way so when it’s printed it can be folded into a physical zine. During group tutorials it has come into question if this is a physical zine. I don’t think I’m planning on turning this into a physical artefact. Due to the digital nature of my work as well as my personal interest in the way that data can be displayed digitally as well as the sharing of data I’m definitely planning on keeping it as a digitally based zine.


Subject 2: Zine layout

1 Front Cover

2 3

4 5

6 7

8 9

z 10 11


This is the preliminary layout for the blog. This was done to see how the colours and words would look alongside one another when thought about as something you’d be able to read through. This isn’t the printable version, as the colours are still present. I’m very happy with the minimalist way in which the scans and poetry compliment one another. I’ve been looking through art books such as ‘Pink: The Exposed Color in Contemporary Art and Culture’ for inspiration on the layout. My main problem currently is the front cover. I want it to look as minimalist as possible and using my own handwriting, however i’m afraid that it doesn’t create enough of an impact.

Artist Statement

My work is very personal, looking mostly at themes of feminism and female sexuality. I like to combine visual aesthetics with my own writing to combine my love of art and poetry. Religious symbolism and the idea of Godliness through pregnancy and creating life is also of interest to me. I work in a variety of different mediums from video art, poetry, collage and interactive arts (e.g. websites) as I’m very interested in the way art has reflected technology trends over the years. The use of the internet as a platform to display my art is very interesting to me as it is a way to get my work out to a larger audience.

A large percentage of my work is inspired by the ‘riot grrrl’ culture which I felt a very strong connection with since the first time I saw one of Hole’s music video as a child. The way in which the very powerful messages of female strength and empowerment combines with the often softer, daintier, rose-tinted aesthetic is a reoccurring theme within my own work.