The Holy Bible

IMG_20150317_0001 IMG_20150317_0002 IMG_20150317_0003 IMG_20150317_0004 IMG_20150317_0005 IMG_20150317_0006 IMG_20150317_0007 IMG_20150317_0008 IMG_20150317_0009 IMG_20150317_0010

This is the printable version of the zine. Here is looks out of order, but it is only that way as it’s set out that way so when it’s printed it can be folded into a physical zine. During group tutorials it has come into question if this is a physical zine. I don’t think I’m planning on turning this into a physical artefact. Due to the digital nature of my work as well as my personal interest in the way that data can be displayed digitally as well as the sharing of data I’m definitely planning on keeping it as a digitally based zine.


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