Artist Statement

I photograph, scan, create websites, video and a variety of other formats in order to make my work as personal as possible. My art comes from a very personal place, often looking at themes such as my feminism and my fears. I’ve always been fascinated by anything medical so my work usually takes a visceral direction in the form of human abstraction and the colour pink. The work I create is usually a combination of different mediums as I choose to express myself in various ways including my love of writing poetry. I am heavily influenced by riot grrrl culture. After having discovered it as a child, it has been the one thing I identify with the most, meaning it often creeps up in my work even if it wasn’t necessarily anything to do with riot grrrl. I like to try and make my work visually very strong, as that’s the sort of work I am most attracted to personally. I also think it reflects the strength of my emotionally attachment to the things I am creating.


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