Subject 2: Poetry

The writing in The Holy Bible was a personal choice, but highly inspired by traditional zines rather than art zines. I really wanted to add my own poetry into some art work sometime after a friend had been pushing me towards it for a few years. Both poems were written for the purposes of this work.


This poem looks at the Virgin Mary as a symbol of the ‘unattainable woman’ which is something which has been talked about to the point of parody recently online. However, it is very easy to say that Mary is an unattainable character, because she was one-dimensional. She was able to be so innocent and pure because she was written into the Bible that way.


The second poem is more complex in it’s theme and explores gendered God’s. In Christianity, God is worldly recognised as being male despite being written as genderless (perhaps God is above gender issues). The poem looks at how women could be seen as God-like as they have the ability to bare children. The poem’s central theme is the way in which feminism is seen as such a strong concept however women are not see as so strong. It was also partially inspired by a Courtney Love quote: ‘I’m not a woman, I’m a force Of fucking nature.’


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