Further ezine developements

Although this ezine originally began as a way to display my work for this project, I have since decided to continue it as a bimonthly affair.
 The ezine, originally entitled The Holy Bible, will now be entitled We Must Remain which is a reference to the digital footprint that stays on the internet forever whenever content is uploaded and shared. The first issue of the ezine shall be titled The Holy Bible in order to keep with the original content of the ezine. The title change was mostly down the the fact that in order for it to be easily searched the ezine needed a title that was more obscure. I have checked online and there isn’t a book or ezine entitled We Must Remain.I have changed the front cover accordingly. As I wasn’t completely happy with the way the handwriting looked, I chose a font with more impact.
I chose the colour and layout for the cover as it stands out and makes an impact. The duochrome colour scheme is relevant to the content of the zine.
As well, as the zine was originally created to be presented 2D on a wall, as I still like the idea of the poetry and scanography to be physical prints, I have decided to add an introduction to the ezine.
I have also created the second and third volumes of the zine. I shall be uploading the second one soon as it is a parody of Kim Kardashian’s Selfie book and needs to be out there whilst the timing is still right.

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