Subject 3: Starting over.

Everything I create is incredibly personal to the point where after it’s all over with, I’m ready to let it go. During the summer I struggled with the idea of wanting to let a lot of things go in my life, including my art work. I was sure that I going to start working on the idea of destroying my work and letting it go in a cathartic sense. However, after a tutorial on 28.09.15 it was brought to my attention that there is only so far I can push this idea. After some reflection it has dawned on me that it isn’t the idea of letting go that I should be focusing on, but instead the feeling of being overwhelmed.

There are a few key subject matter that I’d like to return to as I still feel like I have a lot to learn and a lot to continue to explore. I’m still heavily interested in depictions of the female form in relation to female sexuality and the abstraction of these images. I’d also very much like to look further into traditional video editing, rather than just glitch editing and the splicing of gifs which is what I have previously done. I feel like there is a very definite correlation between the way in which we are overwhelmed with depictions of sexuality and the female form.