Subject 3: Avant-Garde Film

As I mentioned in my previous blog post (here) I would like to start experimenting with film and the female form. Avant-garde film is an ideal way to capture moving images of the body whilst still remaining abstract. Due to the high-contrast nature of the films, as well as the abstract images of the in the shots, the overall feeling of the film can be overwhelming.

I have begun this initial exploration through reading the books Avant-Garde Film by Michael O’pray and The Avant-Garde Feature Film: A Critical History by William E.B Verrone. These books introduced me to the varying style of avant-garde directing, as well as some avant-garde films:

I Dish – Jayne Parker 1982
i_dish_600dpi_2 i_dish_600dpi_3IMG_1358


The passage above reflects a feelings in the work I’m interesting in possibly creating. I’m also interested in the high contrast used as well as the variation in shots, ranging from the body to the surrounding area.

Short Film Series 1975-2014 – Guy Sherwin



Sherwin has a way of creating interesting shots using lighting that I would like to attempt.

There are also some directors I was interested in prior to this project that I have enjoyed the directing of:

Jean Luc Godard

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Godard has a way in which he portrays female sexuality and sensuality in his films that is reflective of the characteristics of the women I create my work around

David Lynch

96a0b43e55bdf173302e3290ea29b028 421a438ab7dcdd0c59a9c862140d55c2

Lynch’s surrealist way of directing, combined with long shots that breed anticipation, are perfect for short films as they create an abstraction within the narrative.

The over-riding themes within this style are high-contrast black and white shots, abstraction and the use of interesting camera angles to capture an image.


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