Subject 3: Film Noir

I decided to look at film noir as there is a strong correlation between the avant garde style of filming and the film noir style. There are multiple similarities including the use of shadow and light to create interesting visual outcomes, as well as a way of capturing females in a very seductive way. I looked through the books

  • Film Noir: Reflections in a dark mirror by B. Crowther
  • Women in Film Noir by A. E. Kaplan

in order to gain a further understanding of the way women are shown in film noir. There tends to be a bigger emphasis on lighting them to create half shadows on their faces partially obscuring them, which gives them an abstract looks.

12081515_762495937210371_66251576_n 12081566_762495957210369_780434647_n 12086822_762495947210370_1989846468_n

I decided to sketch some of the scenes in pen in order to gain a further understanding on the way shadow is used.


There is also a way in film noir that sexualises women yet also manages to create an air of uneasiness. This is the feeling I would like to portray within my work.


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