Subject 3: Smoke and nudes

After looking at David Lynch’s avant-garde cinematic work (here) I picked up the book Images by David Lynch from the library. The book contained images of both his screen work as well as some photographs. His series of photogrpahs ‘Smoke and Nudes’ really stood out to me. It is exactly the style of work I’ve been wanting to create. The angles, shadows, obscuring of the body and the use of shadow are all things I’ve been wanting to capture in my film work.  12071868_762495963877035_1897177253_n 12076885_762495980543700_331943242_n 12077165_762496030543695_1799533199_n 12084032_762496043877027_1937829833_n 12087551_762496007210364_664126137_nIMG_1560IMG_1561IMG_1562IMG_1563IMG_1564IMG_1565IMG_1566IMG_1567IMG_1568IMG_1569IMG_1571IMG_157312084223_762496020543696_1804575882_n 12071308_762496050543693_1616117279_nIMG_1575


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