Subject 3: Personal narrative

One of the main things I have been struggling with when it comes to putting together the video clips is the format in which it should be done. I’ve been listening and watching Jim Morrison videos the past few weeks and I’ve always enjoyed the ways in which he narrates over his video work, as way as the way he talks in his poetry, especially the narrative tone it takes.

As I take a lot of my inspirations through films, I’ve also looked at the way it’s been done in cinema. It’s also the go-to in documentary film.

During this scene in (500) Days of Summer the narrator talks over video clips of the subject, discussing her body

This is a different way of narrating, through singing and conversation.

Here is an art project with some narrative ideas, which I would like to try out:

I’ve decided that I would like my narrative to be a sort of love letter to my body, after ravaging it for years through self doubt.


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