Subject 3: Spontaneous Filming and Digital vs Film

The path I take to uni is covered in trees. The way the light streams through the void of leaves created some interesting shadows, which is something I’ve been looking into within my video work. I decided to film some of the shadow patterns for inspiration.

I edited them using adobe premiere pro.

This brings me on to the question of using digital vs film in order to create my short films. For me, using digital media works best as it means I can be spontanious with my filming, as well as being able to have an idea of what the footage looks like immediately. I can also edit things like colour and expose on the camera as I’m working, which I love.

I’ve been reading the book ‘Catching the Big Fish’ by David Lynch, someone whose work has been my biggest inspiration so far. He had some choice words to say about digital media:

IMG_1500 IMG_1501


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