Subject 3: Styles of Art Film

Over the course of this project I’ve been reading a lot of books on art film. Whilst reading the book ‘Experimental Cinema: The Film Reader’, a book about the history of art cinema and avant-garde cinema I came across a term I had never heard before:


Film poem refers to a genre of avant-garde film popularised in the 1950’s. Film poem’s are generally personal films with an autonomous and unpredictable style. They often capture a moment in the life of the film maker and often also contain narration. As soon as I heard the term, I realised that this was the sort of film I had been intending to make.

IMG_1521IMG_1522 IMG_1533

Voyeuristic Film

I’ve also noticed some similarities between the way I work and the voyeuristic style films I enjoyed when I first got into art fillms. I enjoy the feeling of looking in on a moment. I believe film-poem and voyeuristic films have a lot in common.


‘Random Walk’, Eyal Weizman and Christian Nicholas 1998


Still from ‘Nico’, Andy Warhol


‘Dirty Windows #14’, Mary Alpern 1994


‘Untitled Videos Works (video stills), Wolfgang Stoerchle 1970-72


‘Tulsa’, Larry Clark



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