Subject 3: Lynch on Lynch

As I’ve blogged about previously, one of my biggest inspirations aesthetically for this project is the work of David Lynch. After reading the book Lynch on Lynch edited by Chris Rodley I found some interested points:

Lynch on ‘the uncanny’ –

‘The mood or feeling that Lynch’s films convey is strongly linked to a form of intellectual uncertainty – what he calls being ‘lost in darkness and confusion’.

‘In Freud’s words: ‘The uncanny is uncanny because it is secretly all too familiar’’

‘The uncanny was renewed as an aesthetic category by the Modernist avant-gardes, who use is as an instrument of ‘defamiliarization’.’

As my work has a lot to good with abstraction and creating an avant-garde aesthetic, the word ‘uncanny is a good way to describe it.

Lynch on abstraction –

‘Abstract things are important to a film, but very few people get to go all out with cinema.’

‘When you only see a part, it’s even stronger than seeing the whole. The whole might have a logic, but out of its context, the fragment takes on a tremendous value of abstraction.’

Lynch on video editing –

‘I like colour, it’s just that if it gets too busy, it holds you on the surface.’

‘But things go in steps. They need to rise up, take place, and go away, and there needs to be some little moment, a little wind, and then another thing comes up. Just like little thoughts.’

As I’m already working in black and white in order to create visual appeal as well as highlight things such as body texture (e.g. hair, skin, scars) the colour quote is very relevant to my current work. The second quote talks about the use of fading to black between shots, which is something to keep in mind when I begin to edit the short film together.

Lynch on film making –

‘Accidents happen and they might also inspire you’

‘There are probably some young film-makers who are just cooking with ideas. The second they get a hold of some money and a camera, they’re going to make something very experimental and take tremendous risks’.

‘I think cinema is like a magnet for people with ideas. I don’t know how they stay away from it so long.’


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