Subject 3: 22/10 Tutorial

During my tutorial with Davida on 22/10 we discussed my use of sexuality and voyeurism within my work. She showed me some artists that use their sexuality as a form of empowerment within their work, and artists who use that open sexuality in a claustrophobic way.

Isabella Rossellini – Green Porno

17995835001 17996131001 GreenPorno

This work explores sexuality in an abstract way, using surreal visuals and characters to show the absurdity of sexuality. The work can often come across as unusual and claustrophobic due to this. 

Guy Bourdin

download guy-bourdin-charles-jourdan-advertisement-1979-bn Screen-Shot-2014-11-26-at-10.36.36

Guy Bourdin’s work uses sexuality and the female body in abstract ways to create very clean visuals of sexuality. Sometimes the lines of sexuality are skewed, such as the combination of childlike imagery and sexuality in his photography work. 

Kohel Yoshikura

06_890_594 25_Untitled-1972-471x328 4445_1000

Yoshikura’s photography takes the subject of sex and makes it very voyeuristic. He photographs people having sex, and people watching people having sex. Due to the multiple partners involved the subjects become more claustrophobic in this voyeuristic work. 

Lili Reynaud Dewar

111 images P1040477-600x400

Dewar’s work uses female sexuality in such a brash manner,opposite of what we are used to in society, in order to make the work very enclosed and voyeuristic. Her flagrant displays of the female body make the work voyeuristic to the viewer. 


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