Subject 3: Editing Software

As my trial of Adobe Premiere Pro sadly ran out, I’m trying out new editing software:

Adobe Premiere Pro



  • Experience with the software. I have been using it since college and I’m able to navigate it easily
  • Very user friendly. Everything is easy to access with shortcuts
  • Has a lot of functions. Everything I could need to do, it can do


  • Out of my price range. It’s £13 a month or over £100 a year, both of which I’d be unable to afford even with the discount
  • Not completely reliable, has a bad habit of not responding

Windows Movie Maker



  • Incredibly simple to use
  • Easy to access clips and edit very quickly
  • Free to use


  • Doesn’t have as many options, making it more difficult to fully edit my work


maxresdefault (1)


  • Free to use
  • Good for editing colour, helpful with my contrast work
  • Widely available free options to add to the software
  • Lots of tutorials online to help with navigation


  • Little to no experience with the software
  • Have to find and download extra plug-ins

DaVinci Resolve



  • Free to use
  • Lots of tips online on how to use
  • Easy editing interface
  • Very similar to Adobe Premiere Pro – which I’m used to
  • Colour-match tool for matching shots


  • No experience with the software
  • May not be as effective for short clips

My current idea is to try and use DaVinci Resolve considering how similar it is to the software I have already been using in the past. However, if it is unable to pick up the shorter clips, I will stitch them together in Lightworks then import them into DaVinci for editing, then export them to cut them. It seems like a long way to do things, but if it means saving close to £150 for a software that isn’t entirely reliable, it’s worth it.


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