Subject 3: Video so far


Now I have enough footage to begin editing the clips into something longer, I’m going to focus more on the photography aspect of my work as I’m currently enjoying editing the pictures.


Subject 3: Context and Documentation



Deciding on film experimentation. Ending up on avant-garde film.


Photography inspiration


Smoke and nudes, how to show the body in an avant-garde style


How shadows effects work


Photography and editing




First shots of filming in avant-garde style


Poetry as a narrative



Using negatives




Editing photography


Artist Statement

My current work focuses on the abstraction of the body and the way in which society is uncomfortable with the idea of overt and unglamorous expressions of a woman’s sexuality. This work directly contrasts the ways in which society chooses to erase all perceived bodily imperfections such as scars, cellulite and stretch marks and even reacts to such things with contempt. I’m choosing to use these ‘imperfections’ as the focus in my work in order to force the viewer to see these often hidden things up close and personal. Footage and video is used in order to abstract the bodily ‘imperfections’ into something with sexual undertones. This is in direct response to the way media shames a woman for not being perfect as well as sexualising women yet shaming them for being open about their own sexuality. I’m also incorporating my love of avant-garde and film noir in my video editing as film noir often used female sexuality, whilst keeping an edge of uneasiness which works well with the abstraction in my work.

Subject 3: Asger Carlsen

After editing some of my photography work I remembered about the work of Asger Carlsen

I really enjoy his style of photomanipulation using the body, turning them into something human but abstract. The subjects in the photographs look more like visceral meat sculptures than human bodies.


Subject 3: New software

After my initial plan to change my editing software, I decided to revert back to using an earlier version of Adobe Premiere. I also decided to film half of this footage using my phone, and the other half using my camera in order to see which I preferred. I’ve concluded that it’s easier for me to use my camera in HD then create a low-fi version of it in my editing software than it is to try and sharpen up my mobile footage.

Subject 3: Editing photographs

I attempted to edit some of my photographs in a similar way to how Pierre Radisic does. After editing the photographs I decided to animate some of them in a very subtle way in order to add an uneasiness to the work and to make them look like moving organisms.