Subject 3: Laura Mulvey

Laura Mulvey is a feminist film critic who coined the concept of the male gaze. The male gaze is the way in which film is often perceived through the male perspective, with the person behind the camera being a heterosexual male as well as a lot of the thematic points of the work. The use of the concept is often in reference to the way in which women are often objectified sexually through the male gaze and often seen as an erotic object of fantasy for the hetero male who is seen as the dominant figure behind the work. This way of thinking has become normalised over the years, making the women in the subject matter of the film seem inferior to the male. This concept of the male gaze is often linked with sexual gratification such as voyeurism. An easy way to identify the male gaze within work is to replace the gender of the female subject to male as see how out of place it would feel.
My own work goes against the idea of the male gaze. The subject matter within my video work is unglamorous and often not seen as a thing that would appeal to the male gaze e.g. scars and cellulite which contrast with the fantasy of the objectified female.


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