Subject 3: Artist Statement and Exhibition Proposal

My current work focuses on the abstraction of the body and the way in which society is uncomfortable with the idea of overt and unglamorous expressions of a woman’s sexuality from the viewpoint of female empowerment. This work directly contrasts the ways in which society chooses to erase all perceived bodily imperfections such as scars, cellulite and stretch marks and even reacts to such things with contempt. I’m choosing to use these ‘imperfections’ as the focus in my work in order to force the viewer to see these often hidden things up close and personal. Footage and video is used in order to abstract the bodily ‘imperfections’ into something with sexual undertones. This is in direct response to the way media shames a woman for not being perfect as well as sexualising women yet shaming them for being open about their own sexuality. I’m also incorporating my love of avant-garde and film noir in my video editing as film noir often used female sexuality under the viewpoint of the male gaze, something my work wishes to erase. I work with high contrast and shadow in order to turn what would be seen as a conventional film of a women’s body into something more intimate and personal.


For the exhibition I will be making a short video as an abstracted view of a self-portrait. I’m still fairly murky on the time-scale as it’s dependent on how long it’ll take to put together as I choose to work without storyboards and instead work on the clips, seeing them as multiple short films being made into one. I’m hoping to have my work displayed on an older-style large black tv in order to reflect the grainy style of film I make, on top of a white plinth. A DVD player can be hidden via the plinth and a DVD of the film can be placed on a loop. Headphones will be inserted into the TV if I decide to use a narrative on the video. The space will have to be fairly dark in order to see the high-contrast style film. The costs for my exhibition so far will be wood for the plinth, white paint and the tv/DVD (which I’ll be trying to source online first)


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