Subject 3: Top 5 Contextualisation

  1. Tate: Desire Unbound
    desire unbound_0
    Artists who use the body as a basis of their work, encorporating elements of sexuality; voyeurism and portraiture.
  2.  Women’s Cinema 
    How the book ‘Women’s Cinema: The contested Screen’ by Alison Butler has influenced the way I choose to shoot my work as a female video artist
  3. Allana Clarke
    The work of Allana Clarke, video artist, who looks at sexuality and the female body.
  4. Parris Mayhew
    How Parris Mayhew’s directorial and editing style have influenced my own style of layering transparencies in my editing
  5. Television installation art
    Artists who have chosen to show their film work as a video installtion.

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