Subject 3: Why Black and White

Upon discussion of my work during our last feedback session, I’ve realised that I have yet to properly explain why I’ve chosen to work in black and white as apposed to using visceral tones and skin tones. This is due to the treatment of my body more as a landscape, capturing my scars, stretch marks, bruises and cuts less as lacerations of a form but more as a change in the landscape. This takes away the idea that the marks are something considered vulgar to look at or unsightly and makes them something to be looked at with less contempt. We never look at a landscape and think about how much more beautiful it would be if there were less marks in the rock forms, if the sea was less rough, if lines in mountains were less jagged. I’ve chosen to look at my body in a similar way. By making the video black and white we are able to distance ourselves from the ways in which we often see the body and are instead able to appreciated all the perceived imperfections as something which makes the landscape of the body more powerful to look at, as there is also power in that self-acceptance, something which has taken me far too long to cultivate within myself.


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