Subject 3: Oral Presentation.


  1. 96a0b43e55bdf173302e3290ea29b028
    Film Experimentation and Avant-Garde Film
    Deciding on film experimentation. Ending up on avant-garde film.
    Women’s Cinema
    How the book ‘Women’s Cinema: The contested Screen’ by Alison Butler has influenced the way I choose to shoot my work as a female video artist
  3. david-lynch-nude
    David Lynch – Smoke and Nudes
    Initial inspiration into the style of work I wanted to create

  4. 353b635e9a21325aac1a64d8fba5dcae
    Bill Brandt’s Nudes as Landscape
    Using the body as a landscape

  5. desire-unbound_0
    Tate – Desire Unbound
    Artists who use the body as a basis of their work, encorporating elements of sexuality; voyeurism and portraiture.



  1. 12080993_762495913877040_1299597449_n
    Test Shots
    First shots of filming in avant-garde style
  2. 4
    Shadow Test
    First attempt at using shadow and light
  3. img_2253
    Photographs used to layer and edit in video

  4. 7
    Outline for Finished Video
    Final video pre-tv edit
  5. dscn2308
    Storyboard Video on TV
    Storyboard video in context of exhibiting

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