Subject 3: Setting up the show

Setting up the degree show went surprisingly easy. I had some

initial worries about presenting my work, however I had an image in my head of how I wanted it to look. The three problems I worked most feverishly on were:

  1. What to use to display the television on?
  2. How to hide all the wires and make it look seamless?
  3. How to keep the sense of watching this in the same way I learnt about sexuality (a tv in my brothers room)?

I initially thought about using a plinth, however I thought it would take away from that home feel, and it wouldn’t help to hide any  wires. A tv stand proved too low and too wide. I decided on using a bookshelf, which was what my brothers tv was on. I could then place the DVD player and the extension cord in the shelves to hide all the wires. To keep the wires off the floor and to keep the space safe I used electric conduit.

i couldn’t be happier with how it looks. The height of the piece is perfect to look at. The reflective nature of the screen makes the viewer able to see themselves in the screen, which is what my work is about, representation of women in film. I love the way the floor looks so messy in comparison to the wall. All the attention is on the screen. I’m incredibly happy with how it has turned out.


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