Subject 3: Assessment feedback

All in all, I feel the assessment went well. The comments which arose about my work were things that I had been considering myself or things that would further the fine art aspects of my practice.

A main point that was brought up was that I need to further explain why the work is being presented in black and white. This is in order to make my body appear more like a landscape. In colour the scars, stretchmarks, bruises and cuts on my body would be obvious and have negative connotations. By having these things in black and white they become more like texture on a landscape, something celebrated in art instead of something hidden. I shall be looking at artists who use a similar technique within their work.

The second point brought up was that I haven’t been using a VHS player to make my work authentic. Therefore I will be trying to get ahold of a VHS player in order to try working with one.


Field 3: New Website