Subject 3: Business Cards

imageimageBusiness cards have arrived. Very happy with how they look.


Subject 3: Setting up the show

Setting up the degree show went surprisingly easy. I had some

initial worries about presenting my work, however I had an image in my head of how I wanted it to look. The three problems I worked most feverishly on were:

  1. What to use to display the television on?
  2. How to hide all the wires and make it look seamless?
  3. How to keep the sense of watching this in the same way I learnt about sexuality (a tv in my brothers room)?

I initially thought about using a plinth, however I thought it would take away from that home feel, and it wouldn’t help to hide any  wires. A tv stand proved too low and too wide. I decided on using a bookshelf, which was what my brothers tv was on. I could then place the DVD player and the extension cord in the shelves to hide all the wires. To keep the wires off the floor and to keep the space safe I used electric conduit.

i couldn’t be happier with how it looks. The height of the piece is perfect to look at. The reflective nature of the screen makes the viewer able to see themselves in the screen, which is what my work is about, representation of women in film. I love the way the floor looks so messy in comparison to the wall. All the attention is on the screen. I’m incredibly happy with how it has turned out.

Subject 3: DVD in Context

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Here is what the DVD looks like in the studio.

Subject 3: Exhibition DVD

This is the final version of the film I’ll be showing as my final piece. I had to change some of the brightness and contrast settings after testing them out in the studio, but I’m very happy with the result.

Subject 3: Business Cards

I’ve ordered some business cards. I kept everything simple, so it reflects the artwork I make.

previewpreview (1)

Subject 3: Oral Presentation.


  1. 96a0b43e55bdf173302e3290ea29b028
    Film Experimentation and Avant-Garde Film
    Deciding on film experimentation. Ending up on avant-garde film.
    Women’s Cinema
    How the book ‘Women’s Cinema: The contested Screen’ by Alison Butler has influenced the way I choose to shoot my work as a female video artist
  3. david-lynch-nude
    David Lynch – Smoke and Nudes
    Initial inspiration into the style of work I wanted to create

  4. 353b635e9a21325aac1a64d8fba5dcae
    Bill Brandt’s Nudes as Landscape
    Using the body as a landscape

  5. desire-unbound_0
    Tate – Desire Unbound
    Artists who use the body as a basis of their work, encorporating elements of sexuality; voyeurism and portraiture.



  1. 12080993_762495913877040_1299597449_n
    Test Shots
    First shots of filming in avant-garde style
  2. 4
    Shadow Test
    First attempt at using shadow and light
  3. img_2253
    Photographs used to layer and edit in video

  4. 7
    Outline for Finished Video
    Final video pre-tv edit
  5. dscn2308
    Storyboard Video on TV
    Storyboard video in context of exhibiting

Subject 3: Video gifs


giphy (1).gif

giphy (2)

I decided to create some gifs from my videos as I really like how unsettling the images look when taken out of context to the video, despite them just being gifs of my body. I think this shows the importance of seeing the video as a whole as although the clips in the video may seem disjointed and fragmented it is clear there is a narrative of the body within it.