Sketchbook studies

During a visit to the National Museum of Cardiff there was an exhibition on about prehistoric time.  I was completely enamoured by a skeleton that lay in a glass case there, curled up into the fetal position. 


It really made me think about the life cycle. We are curled up in a womb for 9 months, wrapped up safe in the fetal position, and here is this skeleton doing the same. It made me think about how everything comes full circle. How we grow up, learning and advancing, only to eventually become unable to look after ourselves until we eventually die. We grow up, then we ease on down. he juxtaposition of this rigid skeletal form, contrasted with the fragility and tenderness of the fetal position is extremely interesting to me. I’d like to think that this skeleton is in the fetal position because they feel safe. 

Here are some sketches based off the skeleton:





Sometimes something leads to nothing.

Sometimes something leads to nothing.

I’ll be posting more from my sketchbook now.
Here are three phrases I have as inspiration for the beginning of my sketchbook.